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Prices at Newlands Farm New Forest

All of our fields are well-drained and level with plenty of natural shelter from the Oak trees. Our fields are maintained by us, including re-seeding, rolling, topping, weed-spraying and chain-harrowing as necessary, to ensure excellent grassland management all year round. Most of our horses manage well on a small amount of hay feeding during this period, due to good land management and not overstocking.

Newlands Farm Moyles Court

Newlands Farm - Newlands Farm within The New Forest

Newlands offers you over 140 acres of well-managed grassland. We offer two types of grass livery care packages,with amazing riding from the farm gate directly onto the open New Forest , with no roadwork at all.

The farm is superbly located being less than 3 minutes from the market town of Ringwood yet set right within the New Forest National Park. The farm is run and situated alongside New Forest Livery and Training. Newlands is a professionally-managed farm providing superb grazing and care packages for your horse combined with access to superb outriding.

Grass Livery - Horses at grass are either :

- Visited regularly by their owners, or

- Retired/resting, 'Owner-Away Option', where owners visit less often, so we maintain the care.

Newlands Farm Moyles Court

Newlands Farm Moyles Court

Sutton Holmes, Dorset - Sutton Holmes, nr Verwood Dorset

Woodlands also provides grass livery, but slightly different, as all these horses are unridden, so the horses enjoy an extremely quiet, settled environment and live as a small herd.

The farm manager lives on site, and is always around to keep a good eye on the horses. This location offers a superb long-term home, for Resting or Retired horses, plus a safe and quite environment for youngstock to grow up. Horses come to us for various reasons. They may be unsound or unsafe to ride, elderly, or an owner has some time abroad.

Most of our owners here do not attend regularly, due to their other commitments, so we undertake the overall care for them.

Every horse is checked each morning with their health being recorded. We contact owners should we feel the need arise over any health concerns. We always keep spare stabling at the main farm and have transport available for us to move a horse quickly, to the farm or vets etc. Hay and Haylage is fed between December until end of March. Extra Forage Option of 24/7 haylage feeding is also available.

Newlands Farm Moyles Court

Newlands Farm : New Forest Grass Grazing Livery

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