With love and care
Retirement Livery
In The New Forest National Park
Newlands Farm
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Retirement Livery in the New Forest
Newlands Farm
Caring for your retired horse like one of our own
In The New Forest National Park
Newlands Farm
Retirement Livery with great care, in Hampshire

Retire your horse in a lovely location, so they can live out their happy restful days with our supportive retirement livery.

Retirement Livery

Newlands Farm offers a superb long-term home for grass-kept Resting or Retired horses, with our Retirement Livery. Horses come to live with us due to various reasons. They may be unsound or unsafe to ride, or now elderly.

Loaning horses or gifting them as companions can often be unsuccessful particularly in the long term.

Many owners of long-term retired horses cannot attend daily, due to other commitments, so we step in to provide routine care. 

Horse Care : -

All horses are checked daily and a log is recorded for our records.  Hay is fed between December until end of March. Extra Forage Option of constant hay / haylage feeding is also available. Most of our horses manage well on a small amount of hay feeding during this period, due to good grassland management practices. Seasonal specific care is given throughout the year from fly hats to mud fever prevention!

What is Included in this Livery option? :

– Live out in grazing of well-maintained fields with dung and weed control

– Stabling and care available if needed for medical reasons (see Additional price lists).

– Overnight owner facilities if horse was unwell.

– Daily Horses health inspection (recorded) incl. horses’ rugs, wounds etc.

– Staff organise and carry out all farrier, vaccinations, worming and rug changes (Rugs stored in their own storage trunk in an illuminated room)

– Hay feeding included December to March to maintain horses’ condition. (approx 3 bales p wk) or a ‘Haylage Fed 24/7’ Extra Option: December – March.

– Professional advice and support on request from our experienced team.

– Dung removal by farm staff.

-Seasonal Specific Care from fly hats to mud fever prevention.

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